Invited Speakers

Ivana Seric profile picture

Ivana Seric

Data Scientist at Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia, USA

Ivana is a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. After graduation, she started working for the Philadelphia 76ers as a data scientist in the analytics and strategy department, using data to provide insights in the game of basketball to the basketball operations office, primarily to the coaching staff, focusing on on-court strategy. Interesting Fact: She played for the Croatian Women U-16 and U-18 national basketball team.

Junpeng Lao profile picture

Junpeng Lao

Data Scientist at Google
Zürich, Switzerland

I am currently a data scientist at Google (since mid-2018). Before that, I was a cognitive psychology researcher at the University of Fribourg. I have a deep interest in Bayesian computation and Monte Carlo method, which lead me to become an active contributor of PyMC3 and TensorFlow probability. I love engaging with other Bayesian practitioners on our PyMC3 community and Twitter

Vladan Radosavljevic profile picture

Vladan Radosavljevic

Machine Learning Chapter Lead at Spotify
New York, USA

Vladan is a PhD in Machine Learning and Data Mining from the University of Temple. He has been a data scientist for companies such as Yahoo!, Uber, OLX and is now a ML Lead at Spotify.

Marc Garcia profile picture

Marc Garcia

Pandas Core Developer
London, England

Marc Garcia is a pandas core developer and Python fellow. He has been working in Python for more than 12 years and worked as data scientist and data engineer for different companies such as Bank of America, Tesco and Badoo. He is a regular speaker at PyData and PyCon conferences, and a regular organizer of sprints.

Julie Trier profile picture

Julie Trier

Engineering Manager, Growth at Pinterest
San Francisco, USA

Julie is a software engineer, data/tooling enthusiast, and currently an engineering manager at Pinterest. Julie has helped various companies in Silicon Valley to build their SEO A/B testing framework while she was focused on transforming SEO from art to science.

Nemanja Djuric profile picture

Nemanja Djuric

Staff Autonomy Engineer, Machine Learning Tech Lead at Uber
Pittsburgh, USA

I am a Staff Autonomy Engineer at Uber ATG in the Machine Learning group. Prior to Uber I worked as a Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs, in the Targeting Science group. I received PhD in Computer Science from the Department of Computer & Information Sciences, Temple University, under mentorship of prof. Slobodan Vucetic. Previously, I received B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 2007 and 2009, respectively, from University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Thierry Silbermann profile picture

Thierry Silbermann

Tech Lead Data Scientist at Nubank
São Paulo, Brazil

Thierry did a double Master degree in Computer Science from ESIEA (French Engineer School) in France and the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA. After that he worked for a startup in Paris for 6 months before starting a PhD at the University of Konstanz in Germany on Recommendation System working on libFM. He joined Nubank in 2016 and today he works as a Manager and Tech Lead Data Scientist on different kinds of project ranging from improving customer service, understanding growth, improving processes and managing other data scientists. He is also the co-organizer of the Machine Learning Meetup in Sao Paulo which is the biggest in Latin America.

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