Sunday 13:30–15:00 in Hörsaal 3

Career Panel Hosted by Nakeema Stefflbauer (followed by Q&A)

Nakeema Stefflbauer

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Data Science is one of the hottest fields to emerge in tech in the past several years. From Data Analysis to Data Engineering, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence, data science jobs seem to be everywhere. PyData invited four tech professionals from the data field to talk about their experiences with Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer, who offers a data science training track to resident, refugee, and immigrant women in Berlin through her FrauenLoop nonprofit organization.


Kristine Alave is an award-winning journalist and environmental studies researcher-turned junior consultant/analyst for a data-driven market research team at Trommsdorff + Drüner.

Marius Lehne is a former computer science student whose interest in statistics led him to be hired right out of a masters program to work on Machine Learning and Big Data at SAP.

Alina Baciu is a data engineer at Wimdu who is mostly self-taught; she made the move into data science with the FrauenLoop program, after a lengthy stint learning programming during her maternity leave.

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