Saturday 14:15–15:00 in Audimax

Let's SQL Like It's 1992!

James Powell

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Sure, party like it's 1999, but maybe let's not write SQL like it's 1992? Yeah, 1992 was a great year—Boyz II Men, Red Hot Chili Peppers, TLC—but you're missing a lot if you haven't updated your playlist since then. And not just Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Drake, but also SQL99, SQL03, SQL06, SQL08, SQL11, SQL16—common table expressions, window functions, full temporality, table inheritance, and more…!


This talk presents a rich data modelling exercise using the latest functionality provided by PostgreSQL. Our goal is to cover the advances made by these tools in the past decade and illustrating how they can be used to model and query big data problems. After all, SQL was the original "big data" technology. And, while SQL has fallen out of the hype cycle, it remains a powerful, sophisticated, and mature technology for solving real-world business problems.

The talk will propose a "data-first" strategy for modelling business problems and illustrate how to advanced SQL functionality can help enforce constraints and implement business logic in a safe, simple, and robust way.

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