Sunday 10:15–11:00 in Hörsaal 3

GDPR in practise - Developing models with transparency and privacy in mind

Łukasz Mokrzycki

Audience level:


GDPR doesn't have to mean slowing down the progress of your AI/ML projects. By following a few fundamental rules during a development process, your model could not only be compliant with this directive but also gain the trust of the users. During this talk, we will discover an effective approach to transparency and privacy, with profit for users and piece of mind for developers.


We hear a lot of about how much GDPR directive could affect data processing activities of companies, such as automated decision making or storage of personal data. It's time to demystify these fuzzy terms and apply specific rules in our daily processes. This talk should be as insightful for software developers and data scientist as for project managers or business owners.

Łukasz will cover several good practices in model development: storing and protecting users data, prioritizing interpretability and transparency of the model, keeping automated decision making in control and avoiding hidden biases. We will also take a closer look at social responsibility aspect of our technical work. Attendees can expect to learn practical techniques for responsible work with sensitive data in various domains.

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