Friday 10:45–12:15 in Track 2

Leveling up your storytelling and visualization skills

Gerrit Gruben

Audience level:


Not only do you have to master computer systems and statistical models, but you also need to report on your results as well as win the hearts and minds of the decision makers – the life of a data scientist ain't easy!

But how do you make them understand? Surely, you cannot teach them matrix calculus and functional analysis in an afternoon.

Take my hand and I walk you through the basics.


In short, we look what the great open source community of Python has done as well as I introduce to the great works of Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic and Nancy Duarte, who offer great starting points for data presentations and presentations in your career as a data scientist.

If you have a knack as a designer or artist, this is how you can elevate yourself greatly.

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