Diversity Programs

As organizers and members of PyData Berlin, we have a standing commitment to our community. As part of that community, we aim to fostering diversity within our membership and conferences. In order to increase diversity and encourage new talent, we have two programs aimed at helping support and promote diverse conference attendees and speakers.

PyData Mentoring Program

The PyData Berlin mentoring program was created to help first-time speakers and conference attendees. For first-time speakers, we will hold two events in Berlin (one in April and one in June) along with sharing online resource to help support your first conference talk or visit. The mentoring program is for two main groups: mentors (those who wish to help bring more new speakers and attendees) and mentees (first-time speakers and attendees).

For mentees, the mentoring program offers:

  1. Feedback on talk ideas and help in crafting your proposal
  2. Advice on giving your first talk
  3. A small group environment to share questions
  4. A place to practice your slides and presentation amongst mentors and mentees

For mentors, we ask that you:

  1. Have spoken at two or more conferences
  2. Offer a listening ear and advice
  3. Have a few hours available in April, May and June to meet or reach out to mentees
  4. Take some time to reflect on what has helped you and share with the group


Want to join? You can sign up using our Mentoring sign up form.Have any questions? Please email [email protected].

PyData Diversity Scholarships

This year, we can offer scholarships in the form of diversity tickets (free or reduced price) as well as travel scholarships. We will focus our efforts on the local community (focusing first within the EU), so we highly encourage students and other diverse applicants to apply for scholarships. If you want to attend the conference, but are worried it might be a financial burden, please take time to fill out the application form and tell us why you want to join and how the scholarship would benefit both the conference and your work (or studies).

Want to apply for a travel or diversity ticket scholarship? Please do so using our PyData Scholarship form.

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