Massimo Domenico Sammito

Massimo Domenico Sammito

I am an italian computer scientist who felt in love with Bioinformatics. So after my degree in Catania (IT), I moved to Bologna (IT) where I got a master in Bioinformatics for Health Sciences and moved again in Barcelona (ES) to study another master in Bioinformatics from the Pompeu Fabra university. In 2015 I obtained a Ph.D in Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona working at the Instituto de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona-CSIC with a thesis on the developing of software for structure phasing from X-ray crystallographic data. I did one year post-doc in Cambridge (UK) at the Medical Research Center and one year in Goettingen (DE) at the Intitut for Inorganic Chemistry. My scientific interests are in the application of machine learning algorithms to bioinformatics problems, in particular in structure biology for the determination of new unknown structures and for the understanding of protein structure features to be generalized across families and functions.

I love classical music, spanish guitar and mangas and I am a big fan of Lucas Arts videogames. :-)


How to map a protein structure into a network graph to understand protein folding.

Sunday 15:00–15:45 in Novice - 1

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