Francesc Alted

Francesc Alted

Consultant and software engineer in the data science field. I have decades of experience handling and computing with large amount of data by using big computer facilities and by also creating and/or maintaining open projects like PyTables, numexpr, Blosc or bcolz. I enjoy working on challenges like ingesting (and digesting) brutal heaps coming from data streams and different silos, while using compression and other techniques for reducing the amount of necessary resources to a bare minimum. My favorite programming languages are Python and C, and some Java too.

I am currently working as a consultant for The HDF Group, Institut de Fisica Corpuscular and University of Oslo.

Last but not least, I am proud of being the trainer of the best basketball team of girls and boys in my home town.


HDF5 and pandas

Friday 15:00–17:00 in Intermediate

Squeeze (gently) your data

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