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Continuum Analytics


Continuum Analytics develops Anaconda, the leading modern open source analytics platform powered by Python. Continuum’s Python-based platform and consulting services empower organizations to analyze, manage and visualize big data - turning massive datasets into actionable insights and business value. Built on proven open-source technology and easily integrated within existing IT environments, Anaconda allows organizations to make critical business decisions based on their data quickly, easily, inexpensively, and with flexibility. Without having to worry about how to access their data, organizations can free up resources to solve actual problems. Continuum’s founders and developers have created or contribute to some of the most popular data science technologies, including NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, IPython, and many others. To learn more about the Anaconda platform, training and consulting services, visit continuum.io.




Booking.com is the planet’s #1 accommodation site. Our diverse team, 13,000 strong, is united by a single mission: to help travelers, whatever their budgets, easily discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best places to stay. Whether in our Amsterdam HQ or at one of our 187 offices worldwide, we work hard to help make more than a million travel dreams come true every single day.

Want to help us in this mission? Join us as a data scientist or software developer in our headquarters on a beautiful canal in Amsterdam! Check us out on https://workingatbooking.com/.



Established in 2009, GoDataDriven is on the forefront of Big Data innovation. The team consists of a unique combination of experienced Data Scientists, excellent Data Engineers, all with state-of-the-art know-how of technology. Team members of GoDataDriven are characterized by a natural curiosity, pragmatic approach, learning capacity and well-developed communication skills.

Whether it is search optimization for an e-retailer, predictive maintenance for a public transportation company, fraud detection for a bank or supply chain management for a production company; GoDataDriven’s Big Data solutions add to the bottom-line of any business.

We enjoy working closely with our clients of GoDataDriven include Wehkamp, Bol.com, KLM, ING, Rabobank, Bakkersland and NPO.

GoDataDriven is proudly part of Xebia Group. More information on www.godatadriven.com



KPN is the largest telecom and IT service provider in the Netherlands. Our network is Dutch to the core. We have a clear mission – to help the Netherlands move forward through that network.
We believe in a society in which communication technology makes life richer, easier and fuller. KPN wants to be the unifier of that society, for people and companies. At home, at work and on the move. We have the resources, and the technology and the reliable fixed and mobile networks.
We use our knowledge and experience to make our services and products accessible for everyone, anytime, anywhere. We fulfill people’s expectations, but we also achieve the unexpected. KPN believes in technology, in the power of communication and in the power of connection. We are the network that enables the Netherlands to move forward.


Data & Analytics is an important asset within KPN. All data professionals are organized in one department, centrally controlled and located directly under the KPN Board. A great team is necessary to reach our large ambition. It’s not only about teamwork, but also about your personal development as a data professional (Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst or BI modeler) through our Learning Lab. The Learning Lab provides access to the latest online and offline training materials and tailors this to your needs (learning on the job, inspiring place to work and ‘digitalks’).




Wouldn’t it be great if we could all generate our own sustainable energy? Good thing is, it's no longer a vision of the future. It's actually happening right now! And more and more people are joining in. They're deciding how they generate, use, sell and share energy with others. Together with our customers and partners we're looking for energy solutions that make it possible to live and work in a smarter way.

Working at Eneco means working at a leading company in sustainability, with a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. We're pioneers in a changing energy market. With the promise ‘Welcome to the new world’, Eneco is making tomorrow’s technology available to everyone today. In addition to the Netherlands, Eneco is also active in Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. We have an amazing HQ only a few minutes walk from Rotterdam Alexander station and the best coffee bar in town. Ready to join our team? Check out our jobs at www.werkenbijeneco.nl



Nuon is part of Vattenfall. We are one of the European market leaders in the generation of renewable energy and are primarily active in Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands. For us, innovation has no limits. Together we discover renewable energy solutions. That is why we work with people who inspire and challenge us to get the best out of ourselves. We are a dynamic company with an international focus and a social face at the heart of society. A company with enthusiastic teams that deliver tailor-made services to our customers.
At Nuon, we do things differently. We change and evolve too, but we don't believe in short-term answers or quick fixes. We believe in solutions that make a lasting difference and benefit everyone. This is why we give discounts to new customers and longstanding ones alike. It is why we not only supply, but also generate sustainable energy. We don't build wind turbines for individuals. We construct wind farms for the entire country.
Much expertise is required for this, along with the ability to go the extra mile. This is why we listen to what millions of customers tell us, but also enquire further until we understand what it is they truly need.
By getting to the issue behind the question, we take care of improvements that make a difference for everyone and that everyone can benefit from – whether you are a major energy consumer or use very little energy. We listen to you, and always will do.




H2O.ai is focused on bringing AI to businesses through software. Its flagship product is H2O, the leading open source platform that makes it easy for financial services, insurance and healthcare companies to deploy machine learning and predictive analytics to solve complex problems. More than 8,500+ organizations and 75,000+ data scientists depend on H2O for critical applications like predictive maintenance and operational intelligence. The company accelerates business transformation for 107 Fortune 500 enterprises, 8 of the world’s 12 largest banks, 7 of the 10 largest auto insurance companies and all 5 major telecommunications providers. Notable customers include Capital One, Progressive Insurance, Transamerica, Comcast, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Macy's, Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente, and Aetna.



Semantic Recruitment technology - Machine intelligence for matching people and jobs

BigData Republic


BigData Republic is a multidisciplinary team of experienced Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers and Big Data Architects. These combined skill sets and competencies allows them to not only build predictive and prescriptive models, but also to engineer software in a tailor-made big data infrastructure that efficiently processes data, applies algorithms and exposes data-driven insights. They offer four key services:
-Use-case discovery: Creating awareness and identifying big data potential.
-Data science as-a-service: Delivering actionable insights without the need of a big data infrastructure.
-Integrated data solutions: Implementing embedded analytics; real-time, adaptable and scalable solutions.
-Training & consultancy: Providing skills and knowledge, enabling you to create big data solutions.

Whether it is about increasing sales, reducing risks or optimizing processes – BigData Republic is the expert partner during the full transition to a data-driven organization.



Liquid, well-functioning financial markets are crucial for a healthy economy. Optiver aims to be at the forefront of this as a leading market maker. Having the best Tech solutions is the only way to be successful as a market maker on electronic markets. Combining intricate trading logic with lean and mean technology is our daily challenge. Our hardware, our architecture and each line of code written; everything has to be perfect. Our network of distributed systems produces petabytes of data on daily basis, which we analyse to continuously improve - a necessity in this competitive environment.

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