Jake Vanderplas

Jake Vanderplas

Jake Vanderplas is the Director of Research in the Physical Sciences at the University of Washington's eScience Institute, an interdisciplinary program designed to support data-driven discovery in a wide range of scientific fields. His own research is in astronomy, astrophysics, machine learning, and scalable computation. In addition, he is a maintainer and/or frequent contributor to many open source Python projects, including scikit-learn, scipy, altair and others. He occasionally blogs about Python, machine learning, data visualization, open science, and related topics at http://jakevdp.github.io..


Keynote (McKinley & Livestream in Cascade)

Thursday 1:05 PM–2:05 PM in Track 1 - McKinley, Track 2 - Kodiak, Track 3 - Hood, Track 4 - Rainier

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