Katrina Riehl

Katrina Riehl

Katrina Riehl is a Senior Manager for the Global Data Science team at HomeAway.com. Over the last decade, Katrina has worked extensively in the fields of scientific computing, machine learning, data mining, and visualization. Most notably, she worked on classifying submarines from SONAR data at the University of Texas at Austin Applied Research Laboratories, fighting credit card fraud at Apple, and leading efforts on the DARPA MEMEX project investigating Human Trafficking at Continuum Analytics. Katrina received her PhD in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Texas at Dallas.


Keynote (McKinley & Livestream in Cascade)

Thursday 9:00 AM–10:00 AM in Track 1 - McKinley, Track 2 - Kodiak, Track 3 - Hood, Track 4 - Rainier

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