Conference Schedule

Tutorials — July 24, 2015

  Rainier Cascade Helens Baker
08:00AM Registration and Breakfast ----
09:00AM Keynote: Computer Science: America's Untapped Opportunity Hadi Partovi
10:00AM Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn Jake VanderPlas Python for Data Science: A Rapid On-ramp Primer Joe McCarthy Simplified statistics through simulation Justin Bozonier PySnpTools: A New Open-Source Library for Reading and Manipulating Matrix Data (including Genomics) Carl Kadie
12:00PM Lunch ----
01:00PM Scalable Pipelines w/ Luigi or: I’ll have the Data Engineering, hold the Java! Jonathan Dinu Pandas: .head() to .tail() Tom Augspurger Beautiful Interactive Visualizations in the Browser with Bokeh Bryan Van de Ven A brief introduction to Distributed Computing with PySpark Holden Karau
03:00PM Break and Snacks ----
03:20PM Dask: out-of-core arrays with task scheduling Matthew Rocklin Using Python for Linguistic Data Analysis Rutu Mulkar-Mehta Learn to Build an App to Find Similar Images using Deep Learning Piotr Teterwak Real-Time Change Detection on Streaming Data (Sponsor Tutorial) Cody Rioux

General Sessions — July 25, 2015

  Kodiak Helens/ Rainier Hood/ Baker Cascade
08:00AM Registration and Breakfast ----
09:00AM Keynote: Clouded Intelligence Joseph Sirosh
09:50AM Sparkling Pandas - Letting Pandas Roam on Spark DataFrames Holden Karau Building TaxBrain: Numba-enabled Financial Computing on the Web T.J. Alumbaugh Investigating User Experience with Natural Language Analysis Stephanie Kim Accelerate data analytics and Python performance with Intel® software (Sponsor Talk) Sergey Maidanov
10:40AM Memex: Mining the Dark Web Katrina Riehl Who needs users? Just simulate them! Chris Harland The past, present, and future of Jupyter and IPython Jonathan Frederic Mixed-language Python/C++ debugging with Python Tools for Visual Studio (Sponsor Talk) Pavel Minaev
11:30AM Saving Lives with Data: Python and Global Health Kyle Foreman From DataFrames to Interactive Web Applications in 10 minutes Adam Hajari An Intuitive Introduction to the Fourier Transform and FFT William Cox Anaconda Cluster Use Case (Sponsor Talk) Peter Steinberg
12:10PM Lunch ----
01:05PM Keynote: Computation at the edges Van Lindberg
01:50PM Straight, White Males Should Advocate for Diversity Tony Wieczorek What's coming in Python 3.5 (and why you should be excited) Steve Dower Deep Learning with Python: getting started and getting from ideas to insights in minutes Alex Korbonits SFrame and SGraph: Scalable External Memory Data Frame and Graph Structures for Machine Learning Jay (Haijie) Gu
02:40PM Testing for Data Scientists Trey Causey Trend Estimation in Time Series Signals Bugra Akyildiz When is it good to be bad? How do hockey penalties affect the outcome of the game? Wendy Grus Using Python and Azure Machine Learning (Sponsor Talk) Chris Wilcox
03:30PM Break and Snacks ----
03:45PM Panel /Group Discussion: “Using, contributing to, and integrating open source" ---- Accelerating the Random Forest algorithm for commodity parallel hardware Mark Seligman Supernova Cosmology with python Rahul Biswas Brains & Brawn: the Logic and Implementation of a Redesigned Advertising Marketplace (Sponsor Talk) Stephanie Tzeng, Sal Rinchiera
04:35PM Blaze and Odo Phillip Cloud Hack the Derivative Erik Taubeneck Learning Data Science Using Functional Python Joel Grus University of Washington eScience Institute (Sponsor Talk) Jake VanderPlas
05:25PM Building a JIT for Python Dino Viehland Democratizing Data Science Benjamin Mako Hill, Tommy Guy Swarm Intelligence Optimization using Python James McCaffrey Jupyter for Education: Beyond Gutenberg and Erasmus Paco Nathan

General Sessions — July 26, 2015

  Kodiak Helens/ Rainier Hood/ Baker Cascade
08:00AM Breakfast ----
09:00AM Keynote: Data-driven Education and the Quantified Student Lorena Barba
10:00AM Counterfactual evaluation of machine learning models Michael Manapat Integration with the Vernacular James Powell Big Data Analytics - The Best of the Worst : AntiPatterns & Antidotes Krishna Sankar State of the Library: matplotlib Thomas Caswell
10:50AM Python Data Bikeshed Rob Story Bot or Not Erin Shellman Low Friction NLP with Gensim Trent Hauck Bokeh Dashboard Capability Use Case/Demo (Sponsor Talk) Casey Clements
11:40AM The Possibilities Of Plotting With pandas and IPython Matthew Sundquist High-Throughput Processing of Space Debris Data Andreas Schreiber Numba: Flexible analytics written in Python with machine-code speeds and avoiding the GIL. Travis Oliphant Jupyter Notebooks and ML Model Operationalization (Sponsor Talk) Dino Viehland, Raymond Laghaeian
12:20PM Lunch ----
01:20PM Keynote: A Systems View of Machine Learning Josh Bloom
02:15PM NLP and text analytics at scale with PySpark and notebooks Paco Nathan An example of Predictive Analytics: Building a Recommendation Engine using Python Anusua Trivedi Statistical learning of human brain structure Ariel Rokem Open Space ----
02:55PM Break and Snacks ----
03:10PM Pandas Under The Hood: Peeking behind the scenes of a high performance data analysis library Jeffrey Tratner Bayesian inference with PyMC 3 John Salvatier Sequoia: Point Cloud Processing and Meshing Mark Wiebe Creating an intelligent world at Dato.(Sponsor Talk) Shawn Scully
04:00PM Mistakes I've Made Cameron Davidson-Pilon Why "data-informed" beats "data-driven. Greg Reda Social Media Brand Positioning Workflow David Gerson Top 5 uses of Redis as a Database Dave Nielsen
04:50PM Lightning Talks ----