Friday 10:25–12:00 in Dining

Beginner Bootcamp

Conrad Ho

Audience level:


Whether you’re totally new to programming or you already know another language, this hands-on session will give you a crash-course in data analytics in Python, including Jupyter/ipython notebooks, pandas, various data sources, matplotlib, and other data visualization tools. Depending on how far we get, we may even look into how to share your data and results in a web based format.


Inspired by Harry Percival's tutorials (of Obey the Testing Goat fame) at Pycon and EuroPython, this session will mainly consist of self-directed learning sessions, where we work through a series of tutorials, assisted by coaches. This will be interspersed with a few brief 10-minute talks.

The talks will include: - an intro to programming in python - scraping & useful public api's to access data - using pandas to clean, analyze and manipulate data - dumping data into a datastore and retrieving it - different tools to visualize data, both from within a Jupiter notebook and possibly as a website

Remember to bring a laptop if you want to participate! Friendly coaches with experience in each of these areas will be sitting at the table with you in each small group, making themselves available to answer your questions, provide hints if you get stuck, and pointers to where to find more information and resources.