Friday 12:15–13:50 in LG6

Python and Julia: the best of friends?

Malcolm Sherrington

Audience level:


The talk will focus on both the Python and Julia languages, concentrating on cooperation between the two rather than confrontation and bringing out what each can learn from the other. There will be a demonstration of interoperability via a Jupyter notebook, but no detailed knowledge of Julia (or Python) is necessary.


Python and Julia are often thought of as in competition for the same workspace. In this talk Malcolm Sherrington argues quite the reverse and in fact there is a tight connection between the two, one from which each benefits. It will focus on the cooperation between both programming languages and discuss what each has to learn from the other.

The talk will demonstrate their mutual interoperability by showing how Python and Julia can call each other seemlessly and with no overhead, concentrating on the areas in which each excels and contends that it is not all about speed!!!