Conference Committee

Organizing Committee

Mark Orland

Executive Chair

Mark Orland photo Mark is a Data Scientist at FanDuel Group, where he uses data to tell exciting stories. When he’s not doing that, he is either baking, skiing, or scuba diving. Instead of attending the conference he is diving in Antarctica and leaving Nathan to have all the fun :)

Nathan Danielsen

Executive Chair

Nathan Danielsen photo

Nathan builds data stuff in the cloud for Diamond. He is also a maintainer for Yellowbrick (scikit-yb) and does triathlons. Since moving back to California, he has found a passion for avocados.

Neal Fultz

Program Chair

Neal Fultz photo Neal is a computational statistician, and the owner-operator of njnm consulting. He is a core contributor to the DeclareDesign project, and is interested in reproducible research, GLMMs and logic programming. Github

Pramit Choudhary

Program Chair

Pramit Choudhary photo Pramit is an applied research Machine learning scientist, and currently works at as a Lead Data Scientist. His area of interest is building Statistical/Machine Learning models (Bayesian and Frequentist Modeling techniques) to help the business realize their data-driven goals. Currently, he is excited about adversarial learning and model inference. He also organizes PyData SoCal meetup. Github

Will Ayd

Sponsorship Chair

Will Ayd Photo Will owns innobi, a data consultancy, and is a core maintainer of the pandas project. Outside of data his passions include motorcycles, the band Phish and his Golden Retriever Bodie.

Van Trinh

Social Reception Chair

Van Trinh photo Van is a super connector of all things people, process and technology. She owns Prisme, a software company gaming career exploration to empower an educated workforce to accurate job matching and create confident conversations towards meaningful opportunities.

David Harnick-Shapiro

Volunteers Chair

David Harnick-Shapiro photo David turns out to have been studying data science for nearly a decade, although it was only a few years ago he found out that’s what it’s called. He helps run the Orange County local chapter of ACM SIG-AI, and thinks he has time to also help in forming an Orange County civic tech group.

Sylvia Tran

Chair Emeritus

Sylvia Tran photo Sylvia is a data scientist working in the Media & Entertainment industry. She’s taught Python, data science, and analytics at General Assembly. In 2018, she served as an Organizing Chair for PyData LA 2018. Currently, Sylvia chairs the Los Angeles chapter of PyLadies (a PSF-backed organization that both mentors and promotes women’s more active participation in the Python open-source community).

Kevin Nguyen

Volunteers Chair

Kevin Nguyen photo Kevin is a Data Analyst at the Los Angeles Times and Teaching Assistant for UCI’s Data Analytics and Visualization Bootcamp. He developed his passion for Python during his decade of work with public and nonprofit organizations and initiatives in Los Angeles and New York City.

Steven Millett

Printing Chair

Steven Millett photo Steven is a senior cyber security analyst for an engineering and defense company where he uses data analytics to enforce network security and meet customer compliance requirements. In his spare time he enjoys playing board games and traveling with his family.

Ravin Kumar

Diversity Chair

Ravin Kumar photo Ravin is a core contributor to ArviZ and PyMC Bayesian Products and a senior engineer at sweetgreen. For work he’s an expert at pairing bits with atoms, using data to find improvements in real world operations and business strategy.

Jon Johnson

Diversity Committee

Jon Johnson photo Jon Johnson is a software developer, currently working at Nielsen. Prior to his work there, he was a rights specialist working in the music industry. When he’s not working, he loves tackling side projects involving data science, and staying current with podcasts.

Mark Roden

Lightning Talk Chair

Mark Roden photo Mark is the Data Science lead for the Fraud Prevention team at Ticketmaster, where he and his team use a wide variety of data tools to stop fraudsters from stealing money, tickets, or both from real fans. In his spare time, he loves street photography and a wide array of gaming hobbies.

Proposal Reviewers

  • Krishna Bhogaonker
  • Michael Bilow
  • Bijan Pourhamzeh
  • Jane Carlen
  • Joshua Schoenfield
  • Lukas Ferrer
  • Pramit Choudhary
  • Aaron Rudkin
  • Scott Tarlow
  • Sylvia Tran
  • Mark Roden

Volunteer Members

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