Adam Webber

Adam joined Blue Yonder in in 2014 after completing his PhD in particle physics. Back then, Blue Yonder was exploring solutions in a variety of industries in an attempt to find real-world problems that would benefit from a scientific solution. Adam worked as a data-scientist, and subsequently a data-science team lead, delivering proof-of-value projects with close customer interaction. Most notably he led the optimization and onboarding effort for a demand forecasting and auto-replenishment system at Morrisons supermarkets in the UK.

Shortly prior to the acquisition of Blue Yonder by JDA in 2018, Adam left the company to explore a role in medical data-science, building solutions to predict rare undiagnosed disease in human populations. But when the dust had settled following the acquisition by JDA (who subsequently re-branded to Blue Yonder), Adam decided to return home to Blue Yonder in 2020 and accepted a role as Senior Staff Data Scientist, with the goal of introducing new data-driven products. Why did he come back? The people, the customers, the tech-stack, and the data. It is a data-scientist’s playground.


Building a Data-Driven Product from Scratch, How Hard Can It Be?

Friday October 29 5:30 PM – Friday October 29 6:00 PM in Talks II