Ashraf Ibrahim

Ashraf holds an MSc. in Computer Science and a PhD. in Mathematics both from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX USA. He worked as a researcher in the Aerospace Engineering Department at Texas A&M in a NASA funded project. His research was in model reduction of chemical kinetics systems. He later joined Bayer AG in Pittsburgh, PA as an IBM middleware consultant. He moved to UAE where he worked for in Abu Dhabi as a data scientist in predictive modeling and NLP. Later, Ashraf worked as a senior data scientist at CAFU in Dubai. Currently, he is a staff data scientist at Mozn in Riyadh, KSA. Ashraf's interests include machine learning, finance, blockchain and cryptography.


Redefining Insurance with Predictive and Preventive Artificial Intelligence.

Thursday October 28 7:30 AM – Thursday October 28 8:00 AM in Talks I