Kevin Anderson, Mark Mikofski, Abhishek Parikh, Silvana Ovaitt

[Mark Mikofski] -- I am a principal solar engineer at DNV and product manager for SolarFarmer. I research, analyze, and predict PV system performance, degradation, and reliability. I have contributed to a few Python projects like pvlib python, PVMismatch, and SciPy

[Kevin Anderson] -- I am a research scientist at NREL doing cool stuff! I have contributed to work on slope aware backtracking, clipping loss errors in hourly yield estimates, and am a maintainer for pvlib python and a frequent contributor to RdTools.

[Abhishek Parikh] -- I am Abhi, a solar analyst at DNV. Like many, I love python and try not to miss any opportunity to deploy it’s terrific power in handling the data challenges renewables analytics offer. I want to promote and be a part of collaborations between the amazing worlds of data science and renewables.

[Silvana Ayala] (she/her/ella) -- I am a researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. I focus on modeling and understanding the performance and reliability of PV modules. In particular, I work a lot with bifacial photovoltaic technology. I am also developing a framework to quantify circularity choices effects on material needs, waste, installed capacity and energy demands for PV.


Data and tools to model PV Systems

Friday October 29 5:00 PM – Friday October 29 6:30 PM in Workshop/Tutorial II