Valentin Danchev

I am a computational and social data scientist championing open and reproducible science. My research uses open-source technologies, large data sets, and computational approaches from data science and network analysis to study diverse problems of transparency and replication of biomedical research, responsible clinical trial data sharing, digital-health interventions, human mobility, and global migration and inequality.

As a data science educator, I strive to enable open, inclusive, and collaborative learning of Reproducible Data Science, and to bring exploratory data analysis, machine learning, causal inference, and data ethics to bear on critical societal issues.

I am a Lecturer in Computational Social Science in the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex. Previously, I held postdoctoral positions at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of Chicago. I hold a DPhil from the University of Oxford, in Development Studies with a focus on network science and migration.


Building Responsible Data Science Workflows: Transparency, Reproducibility, and Ethics by Design

Thursday October 28 8:30 PM – Thursday October 28 10:30 PM in Workshop/Tutorial I