Nir Barazida

Nir Barazida, Data Scientist at DagsHub.

Nir focuses his research on improving workflows for data science teams that work in a production-oriented environment. He combines the experience he acquired, with 8 years of experience as a keynote speaker for Global non-profit organizations and a passion for Data Science to provide a fascinating session.

Nir is leading the data science, advocacy, and outreach activity of DagsHub worldwide. DagsHub is a platform for data scientists to host and collaborate on their projects while using powerful open-source tools for data versioning, experiment tracking, extensive file diffing, and many more.

Nir graduated with honors his bachelor's in Structural Analysis from Ben Gurion University and is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Data Science from Reichman University.


📚 Notebook To Production 👷🏼

Thursday October 28 8:30 AM – Thursday October 28 9:00 AM in Talks I