Francesc Alted

Having created projects like Blosc, PyTables or bcolz, I am a long term open source contributor. Also, as a performance enthusiast, I like the freedom to reach high speeds that offer the C language, and combining it with Python so as to produce easy-to-use but powerful tools for the community. I am the BDFL for the Blosc project, an umbrella for different C libraries like C-Blosc, C-Blosc2, Caterva and its Python counterparts, python-blosc, python-blosc2 and python-caterva.

I have worked for more than 30 years on IT and scientific computation, in both universities and companies (like Universitat Jaume I and Continuum Analytics, now Anaconda), but as a freelance for the most part. Lately I am co-founding ironArray SL with my colleague Christian Steiner; in ironArray we are working towards producing libraries that can help overcoming the so called memory wall.


Introducing Blosc2, the next generation of the Blosc compressor

Thursday October 28 11:30 AM – Thursday October 28 12:00 PM in Talks II