Ivana Feldfeber

Ivana Feldfeber is a feminist activist from Buenos Aires, and is currently living in Bariloche. Ivana holds two degrees in Education and Social Pedagogy, and she is completing a postgraduate diploma in "Data Science: Machine Learning and its Aplications" at the University of Córdoba, Argentina. She is the CEO of DataGénero. Nowadays she is also a teacher of programming and robotics for children and teenagers. She worked as a data scientist at an online platform, analyzing the data from a social and educational point of view.

She attended many conferences regarding data in Latin America and realized that no one was talking about gender bias, gender data and feminism. So Ivana decided to create "DataGénero" a gender data Observatory, the first in the region with a group of scientists, activists and people from different disciplines and countries. https://www.datagenero.org


Analyzing gender based violence data with Python

Thursday October 28 11:00 AM – Thursday October 28 12:30 PM in Workshop/Tutorial II