Photo of Dor Kedem

Dor Kedem

Dor Kedem is currently managing a data science and engineering team in ING Bank in Amsterdam, dealing with mitigating the financial criminal risk for our bank, detecting money laundry risk and helping our KYC analysts to make our bank more compliant and our society safer.

With nearly 2 decades of experience working in IT, big data applications and data science, Dor would present an introduction on metric learning, a topic he has researched and utilized in a professional setup.

Dor is always happy to have a conversation on interesting topics - so reach out to him before or after the talk to discuss the overlap of engineering and data science, data science use cases in a banking domain and in anti-money-laundering (AML) in specific, or to share opinions on favorite board games, professional wrestling moments, or recommendations of the best cheesecake and tiramisu places in the Amsterdam region.


Introduction to Distance Metric Learning

Friday October 29 2:00 PM – Friday October 29 3:30 PM in Workshop/Tutorial II