Saturday October 30 3:00 PM – Saturday October 30 3:30 PM in Talks II

Storytelling With Data – How To Turn a Basic Dataset Into a Compelling Story

Meirav Ben Izhak

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


Ever stared at a raw, numeric dataset, knowing there are some interesting insights in it, maybe even a story, but not sure how to draw them out? then this talk is for you. In this session I will present my analysis of one UN dataset and share my insights on the entire process from choosing a dataset through analyzing and publishing. Eventually, some practical advice for fruitful EDA will be given.


Exploratory data analysis is an essential and powerful skill for data scientists but is not the easiest to master. In this session, I will share my insights on the entire process of analyzing a dataset, from choosing one through visualizing, completing the story with qualitative facts and publishing. This talk is for you if you- - Strive to sharpen your EDA (exploratory data analysis) skills. - Want to learn how to tell stories with data but don't know where to start. - Like to go 'behind the scenes' of one interesting data story