Thursday October 28 5:00 PM – Thursday October 28 5:30 PM in Talks II

Think Like Git

Eli Sander

Prior knowledge:
Previous knowledge expected
Basic Git commands (clone, commit, merge/rebase, push/pull)


Git is a powerful tool, but it can feel like black magic. This talk will walk you through the inner workings of Git while providing you with the necessary tools to debug Git problems.


Have you ever re-cloned a repo rather than resolving a merge conflict? I have! Git problems can be intimidating if you don't understand what is happening and why. This talk will help demystify Git by discussing the following:

  1. The building blocks of version control: First, we'll talk through the core user problems that version control addresses, and what a minimal version control system could look like.

  2. Git internals: Next, we'll see how Git stores code, and build a mental model of how Git "thinks". We'll also learn what your Git history has in common with old-school hand animation!

  3. Applying our understanding: Finally, we'll talk through a couple of specific Git commands and use our mental model to understand them at a deeper level.

This talk is designed for intermediate Git users. You've cloned, pushed, and pulled before, maybe you branch and merge too, but Git still feels a little unintuitive. If you use Git but find yourself thinking "why is it LIKE THIS", this talk is for you!