Thursday October 28 2:30 PM – Thursday October 28 3:00 PM in Talks II

TileDB and the New Data Economics

Stavros Papadopoulos

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


The way organizations and individuals are producing, distributing and consuming data today is fundamentally flawed. TileDB is developing a universal database to reconcile the way data from any application domain is stored, to unlock the way it is shared and monetized, and to transform the way it is accessed via extreme interoperability and scalability.


Existing data systems do not address modern challenges around the storage, distribution and consumption of diverse data. Scientists and analysts have reverted to flat files and data lakes, incurring performance costs due to inefficient file formats, excruciating hurdles for sharing those files, and productivity obstacles when collaborating and accessing the data from various tools.

This talk presents how TileDB heralds a new era for data economics. TileDB models all data, regardless of their domain and complexity, into multi-dimensional arrays. Based on this powerful data structure, TileDB builds a unified serverless database platform that offers secure and scalable collaboration and monetization capabilities, shifting the operational cost from the data owner to the data consumer. Finally, it provides unprecedented interoperability for accessing and analyzing the data via numerous efficient language APIs and integrations with popular tools.