Friday October 29 7:30 AM – Friday October 29 8:00 AM in Talks II

NLP and Hate speech: Why does it matter and what can we do?

Smriti Singh

Prior knowledge:
Previous knowledge expected
Basics of Machine Learning and natural language processing


In an era where people’s thoughts are just a click away from being heard, there has been a huge surge in cyberbullying, abusive speech and hate speech on social media platforms. Join me to find out why this matters, and how we can use machine learning and natural language processing to help make cyberspace a safer place for everyone!


In a world where social media is becoming one of the most prominent platforms for social impact, there has been a surge in hate speech, cyberbullying and abusive speech on social media. Consequently, there has been an increase in research that aims to automate the detection of offensive content using natural language processing and machine learning. As a part of this informative talk intended for anyone who’s interested in NLP and AI for social good, I intend to cover the following topics:

  1. What are the most common different forms of hate-speech that we see on social media today? (2 minutes)

  2. Why is detecting hate-speech important? (3 minutes)

  3. NLP and Machine Learning for Hate speech detection: An overview (5 mins)

  4. NLP and Deep Learning for hate speech detection: An overview (5 mins)

  5. NLP and Machine Learning vs Deep Learning: When to use which? (5 mins)

  6. How can we help? Examples of open source frameworks and public datasets (5 mins)

Why should you attend this talk?

AI for social good is a globally trending theme right now. Attending this talk will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the state of the art models for hate speech detection. Further, it will help you understand why the detection of hate speech is considered a valuable and challenging task. And if that’s not enough, this talk will leave you with a list of resources and ideas you can use to make new, impactful projects of your own!

Who can attend this talk?

Anyone with an interest in AI for social good is welcome to attend. However, to maximise the value of attending this talk, it is recommended that you know the conceptual basics of machine learning and natural language processing.