Lightweight and Automated Exploratory Data Analysis

John McCambridge

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


Have you ever been handed a dataset you've never seen before? Do you find you repeat the same simple EDA steps every time? Why not automate all that without adding any significant workload.


Flenser is a simple, minimal, automated exploratory data analysis tool. It runs a set of simple tests against each column within a dataset, and outputs a HTML file noting which tests trigger per column, alongside relevant outputs.

Flenser is intended to be run at the earliest stages of data exploration, when you have no familiarity with the dataset. It will do its best to tell you what is actually going on in the dataset, regardless of what is supposed to be going on in the dataset.

Flenser is designed to be helpful, not 'helpful': it will not attempt to modify or make assumptions about your dataset. Instead it will apply each simple test, to every column, and show you outputs that will allow your human brain to make decisions about what is actually going on.