Thursday October 28 6:30 PM – Thursday October 28 7:00 PM in Talks I

Innovating in the Oil & Gas Industry with AI/ML

Hoda Rezaei

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


In this talk we will present the AI/ML applications in the Oil & Gas industry. These solutions are real world use cases we successfully delivered to our clients leveraging an innovative methodology and open source tools.The purpose of this talk is to show engineers and data scientists the art of possible in an industry with huge amount of under-utilized data and traditional proprietary softwares.


Oil & Gas industry is rich in data and talent but poor in insights and effective data solutions. Legacy Data and Visualization solutions are mainly proprietary and expensive to implement. Further, these solutions lack flexibility and continuous evolution required to deal with various use cases and data sets.

At Integra we have leveraged our industry experience and love for open source tools to innovate with Data and solve operational challenges in upstream and midstream businesses. We believe in sharing knowledge and building communities that help progress the transformation of Energy industry. In this talk we:

  • Outline the main roadblocks to adopt AI/ML solutions in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Introduce Integra's methodology to address these roadblocks
  • Present Integra's AI/ML solutions
  • Discuss questions