Saturday October 30 9:30 AM – Saturday October 30 10:00 AM in Talks II

Managing your data using FastAPI and Piccolo Admin

Daniel Townsend

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


Making your data easy to consume, whether via an API or an admin interface, is very important. This talk will introduce Piccolo ORM, which is a library which helps you create a REST API with Swagger documentation in record time, along with a modern admin GUI which will delight your users. It is built on top of Postgres, and a modern async database adapter, to deliver impressive performance.


Introduction to FastAPI and Piccolo ORM

FastAPI is a popular async web framework, which makes building a REST API with Swagger docs very easy.

Piccolo is an async ORM and query builder, primarily for PostgreSQL, which works well with FastAPI. It has lots of 'batteries included' - such as the admin interface.

A brief overview of both tools will be given.

Does async matter

A quick overview of async in Python, and why it's a useful tool to have in your tool belt.

Why PostgreSQL?

Piccolo primarily supports PostgreSQL. A quick overview of the reasons for this will be given.

Creating a REST API and admin GUI in 5 minutes

With FastAPI and Piccolo you can create API's very efficiently. The demo will use Piccolo to scaffold an entire web application in just a few minutes, which exposes your data in an API, and via a nice admin interface.

A brief tour of the admin GUI, and its powerful filtering abilities

The Piccolo admin has powerful filtering capabilities, which will be demoed briefly. Coupled with the CSV export abilities, makes it a great tool for users consuming your data.

Some other advantages of Piccolo ORM (such as the playground)

Piccolo ships with a tool called the playground. It consists of a pre-populated database, and iPython shell, which provides a low friction way of learning Piccolo's query syntax, and about databases in general. The benefits of these sorts of tools will be briefly discussed, along with some examples of the more innovative query syntax that Piccolo provides.


The slides are now available to download.

The code used in the demo is also available.