Thursday October 28 10:00 PM – Thursday October 28 10:30 PM in Talks II

Lux: Automatic Visualizations for Exploratory Data Science

Doris Jung-Lin Lee

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


Exploring data through visualizations in Python requires users to write lots of code. In this talk, we introduce Lux, an always-on framework for accelerating visual insight discovery. Lux automatically recommends interesting patterns and trends to users whenever they print out their dataframe without the need to write any lines of code.


Visualization allows users to explore and discover trends and patterns in their data. However, existing plotting libraries in Python require users to manually specify exactly what and how they want to visualize from their data. Lux is a lightweight, always-on framework that automatically visualizes Pandas dataframes within Jupyter notebooks. Lux facilitate faster experimentation with data and encourages users to visualize their data alongside other common data science tasks, such as data cleaning and modeling. Lux was released only a year ago and already has over 2.7k stars on Github and applications spanning a variety of use cases.

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