Friday October 29 9:30 AM – Friday October 29 10:00 AM in Talks I

Introduction to Quantum Computing with Python and Qiskit

Vicente Ruben Del Pino Ruiz

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


A race has started among organizations and nations to achieve Quantum Supremacy. Problems that seemed impossible to solve in the past, now, with the help of Quantum Computing are solved within minutes or hours. Follow me in this talk in my journey to learn how to harness the power of Quantum Computing in data processing using Python and Qiskit.


I will start the talk by comparing Classical Computing with Quantum Computing to get familiar how different they are and how to benefit from Quantum Computing.

Once the audience is familiar with the differences between Quantum Computing and Classical Computing, we'll go through different cases in which it has been proven that Quantum Computing outperforms Classical Computing. We'll wrap up the Quantum Computing introduction with a review of the different Quantum Computers available and how to get access to them.

The second part of the talk will introduce the audience to Qiskit and IBMQExperience which we'll use in this talk for showcasing Quantum Computing in Python. We'll finish the introduction to Qiskit and IBMQExperience going through the different backends available in Qiskit to run a Quantum Computing program and differences among them.

In the final part of the talk, we'll cover a Quantum Computing program from beginning to end: which backend to use, how to orchestrate it and which libraries and functions to use in Qiskit. To showcase it, we'll work on a data processing program.

We'll wrap the talk with a summary of Quantum Computing and Python, benefits, future and next steps.