Thursday October 28 8:00 AM – Thursday October 28 9:30 AM in Workshop/Tutorial I

Data Analysis with Pandas and NumPy

Nimrita Koul

Prior knowledge:
Previous knowledge expected
Basic Python Programming


The tutorial demonstrates how to use the Pandas and NumPy libraries for effective data analysis.


We will walk through a Python Data Analysis Project demonstrating following tasks - - Creation of Multi-dimensional Arrays using NumPy We will create Ndarray using built-in NumPy methods taking data from basic Python objects like lists, dictionaries and sets. - Perform Arithmetic Operations on Arrays We will perform the arithmetic operations on Ndarray and store the results - Perform Slicing and Indexing on Arrays We will demonstrate integer based and Boolean indexing on Ndarray as well as methods for slicing - Creation of Data frames and Series Objects using Pandas We will demonstrate creation of Data Frames from basic Python objects, CSV and Excel Files. And creation of Series objects. - Perform Data Pre-Processing on a Data Frame We will demonstrate operations like handling of missing values, normalization, standardization, categorical encoding of data in a Data Frame. - Visualize Data in a DataFrame We will plot regression and correlation plots to demonstrate the relationships in data columns in a data frame.