Juan De Dios Santos Rivera

Juan is currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer at LOVOO. As part of the Antispam team, his role is to research and develop new state of the art techniques to detect and combat spammers and fraud attempts encountered in the platform. Prior to this, he was part of a Big Data startup in Stockholm, Sweden, where he researched which data platforms are more suitable to perform certain jobs. Besides this, he also interned at Microsoft, Ericsson, and the University of Kentucky.

On his free time, Juan enjoys performing data experiments using his own data, or data available on the Internet. Also, he's a big fan of sharing his knowledge and projects with others, because of this he's one of the original members of the Dresden Machine Learning Group and writes about his work on Medium.

Juan holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Campus and an MSc in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden.


Detecting Pikachu on Android (and more!) using Tensorflow Object Detection

Saturday 11:00–11:35 in Megatorium

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