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Cambridge Spark


Cambridge Spark is a leader in transformational data science and AI training, career development and progression. Our pioneering, customer-focused, training programs and apprenticeships are built on our proprietary AI-powered learning experience platform, EDUKATE.AI. Our goal is to empower the entire global workforce to reap the benefits of data science and AI. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with an office and an educational campus in King Cross, London.

Tesco Technology


Tesco is one of the world's largest retailers of consumer goods, serving 80 million shopping journeys every week, through 6,500 stores worldwide and with 450,000 colleagues all helping to serve our customers a little better every day.

Whether it's designing new ways for our delivery fleet to be more efficient, helping to reduce food waste or developing new experiences for our in-store and online customers, we have opportunities other tech firms can only dream of.

Find your opportunity now at www.tesco-careers.com/technology.




Pivigo is a data science marketplace, democratising access to data innovation to all organisations, by connecting them with our global community of freelance data scientists. The Pivigo networking platform allows for profile sharing, networking, and learning data skills. Pivigo also run Europe’s largest data science training programme S2DS (Science to Data Science).



Neo4j is the world's leading graph database. It helps the Intelligence Community build applications to meeting today’s evolving data challenges including artificial intelligence, network/IT resource management, identity and access management, supply chain management, real-time recommendations, criminal investigations, cyber security and master data management.



Deploy your models into web applications anyone can use, with Anvil! You can build web apps with nothing but Python - no Javascript required. With Anvil, you can complete the data-science life cycle yourself, by turning an exploratory notebook into a working application - with the skills you already have.



TerminusDB is an open source database built for data people. Terminus is a model driven graph database designed specifically for the web-age.

The result is unified, well-structured & refined data - the jet fuel of future business. TerminusDB greatly reduces the time and effort required to build any application that shares, manipulates or edits data.

The use of advanced CI/CD workflows for databases has not been practical due to the lack of tool-chain support. TerminusDB makes possible collaborative CI/CD type operations in the universe of data management. TerminusDB provides a practical tool for enabling branch, merge, rollback, and the various automated and manual testing regimes which are facilitated on a transactional database management system.

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