Friday November 12 9:00 – Friday November 12 9:35 in Planck Bohr

Be kind to yourself! Spend (less) time on Data Exploration

Willem Hendriks

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


Data Exploration

Want to save time during the Data Exploration phase?! Sit back and relax! Together we are going explore the latest tools.

During this live demo, you will get up to speed with latest tools that help with data exploration. You probably known pandas-profiling from Simon Brugman, but there are many more time savers.



Is data exploration the most important step in a data project? Weird how this crucial phase almost never gets the credit its deserves.

I will do an attempt here, a little ode to the exploration phase, and try make it cool again by using some modern packages. Any tool that helps us being effective, increases the change we find that gem during data explorations. I believe any insights gained during the data exploration phase pays back at least double later on in the journey.